Our 4 Top Tips For Traveling Business Class

A transatlantic business trip should be as much an odyssey of discovery as it is a buttoned-down requirement of executive life. So here are some tips for making your next overseas trip not just productive, but extraordinary and memorable.

Top Tips for Traveling Business Class

1. Immerse yourself in local culture

Sure, your first stop off the plane is likely going to be your corporate branch office, plant, or other work-centric locale. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to soak up the local flavor by immersing yourself in culture along the way. At Aer Lingus, your immersion begins early – in our Business Class lounge offering you as close to an actual Irish experience as you’re likely to have on the American continent. Immersing yourself isn’t just a pleasurable experience: it will allow you to match the rhythm of your destination, making communication flow more naturally, more fun, and more productive for all concerned.

2. Live life in the cloud

Business Class Cabin

Until very recently, preparing to work on a transatlantic flight meant a lot of frantic, last-minute backing up (usually to a USB drive) to make sure that all business documents were current. But air carriers have made many strides in the past few years, and Wi-Fi access is becoming more available. At Aer Lingus, you don’t have to wait to get on one of our aircraft to start working with Google Docs or other cloud-based productivity platform. Your experience in the cloud begins in our complimentary Wi-Fi-equipped Business Class lounge, so you’ll never miss a moment of work (unless you want to). The cloud experience continues once you board: in Business Class, our hi-tech lounge/bed/office/dining rooms include USB ports and universal charge points with universal sockets to keep your devices humming and ready to respond to any business opportunity that might arise across the globe.

3. Prepare for leisure

Business Class Entertainment

Recharging your own batteries is just as important as having fully charged up devices, which is why we’d like you to stretch out horizontally on one of our 6.5 foot, fully horizontal beds that our seats transform into at your earliest convenience. The only real problem with this tactic is that you’ll be missing out on our 120 hours of current movies, 90 hours of TV shows, and 1,000 hours of on-demand music. (Hey, who said that business life wouldn’t involve making some terribly tough decisions?)

 4. Feed the inner you

Business Class FoodAt Aer Lingus, we don’t serve “airline food.” Our cuisine is fresh, locally sourced, prepared by expert chefs, and it’s served with china and crystal, not plastic and paper.  The toughest decision you’ll have to make is whether to consume this delicious meal in our Business Class lounge, (when flying from New York) or in your roomy, configurable space aboard the plane, where you’ll also have plenty of room to spread out. (You’re the boss, so we again leave this important executive decision fully up to you.)

Take a tour of our Boeing 757 Business Class cabin.

Aer Lingus flies Business Class on transatlantic routes from San Francisco, Miami, Hartford, Newark, Chicago, Boston, New York (JFK), Washington DC, Orlando and Toronto to Dublin and from New York and Boston to Shannon. From 2018 we will also be serving Philadelphia and Seattle.

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