Soak up the atmosphere in Rome

Rome is a city brimming with history, delicious food and beautiful sights, making it the ideal destination for a relaxed weekend break.

Pottering through the streets surrounded by historic buildings and local chatter is a truly pleasant way to spend a few hours. And with so much to explore, it’s wise to start your day with a little pep in your step. Luckily, coffee culture is strong here with tiny coffee bars conveniently dotted on every corner. Do as the locals do, and drink your espresso standing at the bar. Just remember that ordering a café will get you an espresso so if you’re looking for something larger, opt for an Americano.

Italian Coffee

Once refreshed, there’s no shortage of historical tourist attractions to visit. Start off with the awe-inspiring Colosseum to get a sense of the scale and ambition of the former Roman Empire. From here, you can head towards the nearby holy city of the Vatican. Be smart and plan ahead. Navigating all the sights can be tough during peak season so have a read of this list of the best apps for foreigners in Rome to help you explore the city’s food culture, brush up on your history, learn Italian, find a doctor and more.

All that sightseeing can be thirsty work and luckily, Rome has over 2,000 free public drinking fountains dotted across the city. Try this smart travel tip and skip the bottled water. Instead use this handy app to find your nearest public drinking fountain and fill up for free instead.

Or if you’re travelling in the summer when temperatures in Rome are at a balmy 26°C, water may not suffice. Cool off instead with a scoop of delicious gelato. This Italian speciality, made with cow’s milk instead of cream, is like a silky smooth version of ice-cream. Pay first, take your ticket and then pick your flavours from the mind boggling array. Our favourite is pistachio paired with chocolate. Yum!

Gelato Ice Cream

Finally, no trip to Rome is complete without sampling another local favourite, wafer-thin pizza. If you’re serious about your slices, check out food historian/blogger Katie Parla’s website for some amazing foodie recommendations. Buon appetito!

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