Liam Neeson thanks Aer Lingus guests for €21m UNICEF Fundraising

We recently spent time with UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Liam Neeson, who thanked Aer Lingus guests for helping to raise €21 million for UNICEF.

Liam Neeson with Aer Lingus Cabin Crew

On a recent trip to Dublin, actor Liam Neeson visited members of our cabin crew who have been selected as our 2018 UNICEF Ambassadors. Liam has been an Ambassador for the global child rights organisation since 1997, and he thanked the crewmembers for their work in raising €1 million for UNICEF in 2017 through our ‘Change for Good’ initiative.

In a special video message released today, Liam also gave special thanks to our guests, who contributed €1 million in 2017, and a total of €21 million over the last 21 years.


UNICEF Ambassador and Aer Lingus cabin crew member Sandra Sheehan commented on her time with Liam:

“We at Aer Lingus are extremely proud of our work with UNICEF. Spending time with Liam Neeson, sharing our pictures and experiences and discussing the importance of our work was a very special moment for us all. His role as a global UNICEF ambassador is inspirational. He has seen first-hand from his field-trips the positive impact that the loose change and notes that we collect on-board Aer Lingus flights can have on the lives of children worldwide.”

Liam Neeson with Aer Lingus cabin crew Sandra Sheehan
Liam Neeson with cabin crewmember Sandra Sheehan

“On behalf of Aer Lingus cabin crew and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, I would like to thank every single Aer Lingus guest who has donated to us on-board. We look forward to continuing our relationship with UNICEF in 2018 and are committed to helping create a safer, better environment for children worldwide.”

As part of the Aer Lingus TakeOff Foundation, Aer Lingus supports UNICEF Ireland as a charity partner. In February 2018, Aer Lingus UNICEF Ambassadors will travel to India, visiting Delhi, Agra and Firozabad, and will meet and work with UNICEF representatives on the ground in the Uttar Pradesh region.

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