Celebrating International Women’s Day

We celebrated International Women’s Day today with an all-female team behind flight EI162 which departed for London Heathrow from Dublin at noon. Captain Louise Gilroy assisted by First Officer Amy Cunningham were joined by an all-female Cabin Crew on board flight EI162 and behind the scenes, key operational roles were also carried out by an all-female cast such as Turnaround Coordinator, Flight Operations Officer, Dublin Airport Duty Manger, Guest Service Agents to name but a few. We have over 2,000 female employees across all areas of the airline.

International Women's Day

Pictured (L to R): Cabin Crew Lisa Carty, Cabin Crew Aisling Farrelly, Cabin Service Manager Fiona Power, First Officer Amy Cunningham, Cabin Crew Laura Labuschagne, Dublin Airport Duty Manager Sharon Carlyle, Guest Service Agent Megan Emmet, Captain Louise Gilroy and Guest Service Agent Marina Casadidio.

Sharing their thoughts about International Women’s Day:

Captain Louise Gilroy

“In 1977 Grainne Cronin was the first woman to be selected as a pilot by Aer Lingus and became Aer Lingus’ first female Captain.  Now 40 years later, almost 10% of our pilots in Aer Lingus are female. Aviation, like all industries, is constantly facing new challenges.  But it also needs to retain the fundamentals of safety that sustain it. Increasing diversity in aviation is essential to ensure that our business can adapt to change. On International Women’s day, I feel inspired by the talented and confident young women who are now joining the industry. We need more women in visible leadership positions, who will challenge the norms and find new ways of working if our industry is to keep apace with change. I hope that young girls and women will see opportunities for them in a career in aviation or aerospace.”

International Women's Day

Sharon Carlyle, Dublin Airport Duty Manager

“My role is to manage the operation in Dublin Airport and deal with any issues that arise on the day – I drive on time performance and ensure that we deliver consistently high service standards.  I am the point of contact for any agents or supervisors who encounter challenges and key to my function are timely decision making based on knowledge of the operation and experience.  The position of Duty Manager is thoroughly enjoyable and challenging, however, I have never felt that gender defines us in the workplace. International Women’s Day is a great day to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of women.  I work alongside many inspiring women and today we can show how much we value them for pushing the traditional gender boundaries.”

Fiona Power, Cabin Service Manager

“The role of Cabin Crew is first and foremost ensuring the safety of our guests on board and this is an element of the role I and all my colleagues take extremely seriously. Naturally, as Cabin Crew we are focused on ensuring our guests on board have the best possible experience flying with Aer Lingus.  I enjoy working alongside many inspiring women each day, and men too of course. As an empowered woman, I’m proud to represent our national airline and fly the shamrock on International Women’s Day.”

International Women's Day

Eileen Quinn, Turnaround Coordinator

“The role of Turnaround Coordinator is to manage the dispatch of the aircraft. I liaise with the Cabin Crew and handle any issues should they occur on board. As part of my role I ensure there is fuel on board, the total number of passengers have boarded the aircraft and all bags and cargo have been loaded which I then communicate to the Captain before the flight departs. It’s an area of the airline business that many would expect to be male dominated. Celebrating International Women’s’ Day with my fellow female colleagues I am proud to carry out the job I do with Aer Lingus.”

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