Anne Marie Teevan | Pilot Profile

Pilots at LAX Airport
Pictured: First Officer Nicky Hughes, Captain Anne Marie Teevan and First Officer Niamh Power
Captain Anne Marie Teevan lines up on Runway 28 at Dublin Airport and eases the thrust lever forward to set the Airbus A330 in motion down the runway. It’s May 04th, 2016, and Captain Teevan is in command of flight EI145, our newly reintroduced direct service from Dublin to Los Angeles. On this special day she is joined in the flight deck by first officer Niamh Power and first officer Nicky Hughes.
Captain Teevan is one of our most experienced pilots. She started as a first officer on the Boeing 737, later becoming a third pilot on the iconic Boeing 747. She has been a captain with us for the last 19 years, six of which have been spent operating our fleet of Airbus A330 aircraft, primarily on trans-Atlantic routes.
Captain Anne Marie Teevan

We’re very proud of our cadet programme at Aer Lingus. Starting in January 2017, the latest intake of cadets will travel to Flight Training Europe in Jerez, Spain to begin their training. Captain Teevan joined us in 1988 as a cadet. “I’ve always been passionate about flying,” says Captain Teevan. Prior to joining our cadetship she completed an aeronautical degree at Queens University in Belfast. “I would recommend the career to anyone who is passionate about flying. It can be challenging at times, but it’s worth it to do something you love. I have had the most amazing experiences. The view from my office has afforded me the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights, see New York lit-up at night from 40,000 feet and fly alongside the Rocky Mountains.”

“If it’s what you really want to do with your life, then don’t give up. Keep on trying and do everything you can to best prepare yourself for the application process” said Captain Teevan when asked what advice she would give to any aspiring pilots. “Everyone I work with is extremely talented and has a huge passion for all things aviation.”

Applications for the 2017 Mentored Cadet Pilot Programme close at 17:00 on Friday 07th July, 2016.