7 tips for in-flight skincare

Air travel can leave even the most seasoned traveller feeling a little drained. The lower humidity can leave your skin feeling dry, especially after a long flight. But if you plan ahead, flying can be a great opportunity to reset and relax. Here are 7 tips to help you feel like your best self when you land.

1. Hand sanitizer
Before applying anything to your face or lips, it’s important to get rid of any germs and make sure your hands are clean. A good antibacterial gel will do the trick. They’re available from most chemists in travel-friendly sizes – or pick one up at the airport before departure. You can follow with hand cream to help with dry hands.

Skincare products

2. Cleansing wipes
Start with a cleansing wipe to take away any built-up debris or leftover makeup. This will give you a clean slate and leave your skin feeling refreshed before you apply any products. These are available in mini packs that you can throw in your carry on.

3. Mask
To help give your skin some extra love, pack a moisturising face sheet in with your small bag. Not only will this make your skin feel fresh and hydrated, it’s also a chance to close your eyes for 15 minutes and relax in the sky.

4. Hydration
This is probably the most important tip. Keeping your body hydrated on the inside and out will improve your travelling experience and help to fight jet lag. Keep your water intake high before, during and after a flight. Dublin Airport has 15 hydration stations where you can top up your water bottle for free, and don’t be afraid to ask cabin crew to fill up on board.

5. Lip balm
The pressurised cabin can zap the moisture from your lips and leave them feeling dry and flaky. To help with this, be sure to pack a softening lip balm and apply when you need it. Good water intake will also help fight that chapped feeling.

6. Eye mask
The low humidity combined with any lack of sleep can leave your eyes feeling puffy and irritated. Look for a good under eye mask to use while on board. The skin underneath the eyes is very delicate and can use some TLC when travelling takes its toll. A sleeping mask is also a good idea to block out the light when taking a nap. This tip is particularly important if you’re going straight to a meeting after your flight.

7. SPF
Last but not least, be sure to include some SPF in your in-flight ritual. The close proximity to the sun while on board can actually make your skin more vulnerable to UVA rays which are more intense at higher altitudes.
Pro tip: If you have a build-up of skincare mini samples, be sure to hold on to them. They will really come in handy for your next journey.


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