The 7 most Instagrammable spots in Rome

Ancient and aesthetically pleasing — a walk through Rome can feel like stepping onto a movie set. The picture-perfect city almost feels like it was made for Instagram. There are photo-worthy things to do around practically every corner.

Trevi Fountain

1. The Trevi Fountain
The Trevi Fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the world. The legend of the fountain states that if you throw one coin into the fountain you will return to Rome. Approximately a million euros worth of coins is taken from the fountain each year. Since 2007 this money has been used to support good causes.

Insider tip: Head for sunrise to see the fountain at its quietest time.

Spanish Steps

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2. Spanish Steps
The Spanish Steps are a must-see attraction in Rome. With 138 steps that combine gorgeous curves and straight lines, they’re fantastically photogenic too. Built in 1725, they’re a great example of Italian Baroque architecture and can be found on the Piazza di Spagna, one of Rome’s most famous squares. They’re not far from Via dei Condotti, Via Frattina and Via del Babuino, which are some of the best areas for shopping.

Insider tip: Another busy spot – try and get here as early as possible to get the perfect shot.

The Colosseum, Rome

3. The Colosseum
Possibly the most iconic spot in the city, the Colosseum is beautiful inside and out. For the classic shot, head up Celio hill to the level above the Colosseo metro stop. The fastest way up is to take the stairs to the left as you exit the metro.

Roman Forum

4. Roman Forum
The centre of Ancient Rome itself: you can’t come to Rome and not visit the Roman Forum. An impressive – if sometimes confusing – sprawl of ruins, the Roman Forum was ancient Rome’s showpiece centre, an elaborate district of temples, basilicas and vibrant public spaces.

Insider tip: The lookout overlooking the forum is the best view and can easily be enjoyed without crowds in your shot at most times of the day.

Trastevere neighbourhood in Rome

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5. Trastevere
Trastevere has established itself as one of Rome’s most charming quarters. The area is filled with small ivy-draped lanes that spiral out away from a lively central square. Visit the piazza at sunset, or snap photos of the tiny boutiques on Via del Moro.

Insider tip: For the most Instagrammable corner, find the vine-covered alleyway called Vicolo delle Torre off of Via della Lungaretta.

Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland)

6. Altare della Patria (Altar of the Fatherland)
The Altar of the Fatherland was built between 1911 and 1935 as a monument in honour of Vittorio Emanuele II, the first king of a unified Italy. Today it’s home to a number of Italian government offices and museums. The colossal monument, which is 135 meters wide and 70 meters high, is comprised of scores of majestic Corinthian columns and endless stairs, all carved in white marble. The top is crowned with an equestrian sculpture of Victor Emmanuel cast in bronze and two chariots driven by the goddess Victoria.

Gelato at The Pantheon, Rome
Gelato at The Pantheon, Rome

7. Gelato
Not technically a location in Rome, Italy is famous for its gelato so grab a cone and hold it up anywhere in the city for an iconic (and delicious) shot.


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