6 hacks to beat jet lag

Flying across multiple time zones can take its toll and leave us feeling drowsy and disorientated; that’s right – it’s the dreaded jet lag. When our body clocks stay synced to our original time-zone, adjusting to a new one can be challenging. Take it from us – we’ve been flying transatlantic for 61 years! The symptoms of jet lag can vary and they tend to be worse the further you travel. But fret not! Here are 6 hacks to help reduce the effects of jet lag.

time zone

1. Before departure
If you’re flying east, you’ll notice jet lag symptoms are worse than flying west. Flying east, aim to go to sleep a few hours earlier than usual for a few nights leading up to your trip. Conversely, if you’re going west, aim to stay up later than your usual routine. Use it as an excuse to catch up on some TV!

mobile devices

2. Adjust your devices
Reset your watch and phone to your destination’s timezone as soon as you’ve boarded your flight, or even beforehand. This helps you mentally prepare for a new pattern, and lets you start adapting to the new rhythm even before you arrive.

3. Skip the caffeine
Depending on which direction you’ve flown, it may be tempting to drink endless cups of coffee to help stay alert, or a glass of wine to help you sleep. Sadly, both coffee and alcohol should be avoided. The positive effects are really brief and they can actually make it harder to adjust to a new time zone by affecting your quality of sleep.

inflight nap

4. In-flight nap
Try and catch some shut-eye at some point during your flight. This will help offset some of the fatigue you might feel when you land. An eye mask, some earplugs and a neck pillow will come in handy.

5. Stay hydrated
Be sure to drink plenty of water during your flight. The air at high altitude tends to lack moisture, and dehydration can worsen the effects of jet lag. Eye drops and nasal sprays also help combat dry air.

New York Walk Sunset

6. Stay active
When you arrive at your destination, go for a walk and get some sunlight. This helps to regulate your body to a new routine and the fresh air will work wonders. Plus, you get to explore your new surroundings. Try your best not to sleep until the local night-time to allow for a full night’s rest and a fresh start the next day. It’s also a good idea to time your meals with local mealtimes too.

So now you know how to keep jet lag at arm’s length, it’s time to book your next adventure at www.aerlingus.com. The clock is ticking!


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